“We meet in our similarities and grow from our differences.”
Virginia Satir

The way we work

Our work is process- and solution-oriented. We use all (frequently unused) resources available. It is important to us to enjoy what we do and convey this to others. We have great respect for people and organisations, who have the courage to take up challenges and follow new paths in a reflective manner.

Our role is to advise and accompany by mirroring behavioural patterns and working out new solutions in a process of shared reflection. This also applies to existing processes and structures.


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    For Organisations

    • Strategic Leadership Consulting
    • Leadership Development Programs
    • Organisational Development & Process Consulting
    • Intercultural and Diversity Management
  • Kleestorfer-helps-Teams

    For Teams

    • Management & Leadership Development
    • Conflict Counselling & Conflict Management
    • Team Development
    • Team Coaching
  • Kleestorfer-helps-Individuals

    For Individuals

    • Transformational & Inspirational Leadership
    • Executive Coaching
    • One-to-One Coaching
  • Kleestorfer-Tools

    Tools & Instruments

    • MBTI
    • EQ-i
    • DISC Profile
    • HBDI
    • KC Seminars
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    Online Leadership Circle

  • New!
    Online Leadership Café

  • Personally & online!
    Leadership Coaching

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    Online Leadership Team


    We are combining our strenghts for your success! Professional, committed, versatile.


    Thank you very much for your useful feedback. It will influence my work in a positive way.


Support and development of (international) managers/ executives are considered among the core competences of Kleestorfer Consulting. Our open seminars and workshops are target group oriented and tailor-made to meet your individual needs and situations. Pragmatic approaches, meaningfulness and speedy implementation are of great importance to us. We trust in the collective intelligence, experience and knowledge of our participants.