Über uns

“There is nothing better for me than seeing other people happy!”
Erika Kleestorfer


Individual and Profound

Our goal is to help you get clarity about who you really are and what you stand for as an individual, as a leader of your team or/and of your organisation.  What is it  you want to see happening in the organsation? And what is it you can't allow to happen? If we can contribute to helping  you get this clarity, understanding and appreciation - we have achieved our goals. This clarity will lead you to effective communication, cooperation, innovation and desired financial results. The intention, however, needs to be sincere. No time spent on dealing with symptoms, superficiality or alibi actions. We stand for real transformation and meaning.

Critical but always joyful

How does your organisation/team work? What is the strategy? Structure? Logic? Pace? Values? Vision? The approach towards staff and customers? Your approach/relationship towards yourself?

Organisations and especially leaders/executives must be fully aware of their own strenghts and weaknesses in order to provide an enviroment/context for performance to happen. How can you turn the many talents and diversity into concrete results? How can you ensure commitment, passion and innovation? Only if you see and unleash the power of diversity, will you succeed in creating an atmosphere in the long run in which people of different generations, with different values and approaches can work together successfully.

„Joy as a booster for success.“


    We need inspiration! Mobilise existing talents, bundle the energy available and tap potentials.


Our basic approach

  • Promotion and facilitation of effective change, learning and development processes - nothing can be changed as long as the old is stronger than the new
  • Appreciation, respect & tolerance for the singularity of each and everyone 
  • Acceptance of the present status 
  • Recognition of  current and previous performance, approaches and work climate.  
  • Integration of existing approaches, knowledge & skills into the change and development processes.
  • Challenge the existing, constructively question old habits and patterns and put in motion.
  • Turn all existing talents and diversity into long-lasting results.
”Due to our extensive network, we can guarantee to provide the optimum solution for our clients, their needs and requirements. Depending on your situation, we will involve the best experts from around the world - coming from different fields and industries.“
Erika Kleestorfer



  • Univ. Lektorin Mag. Dr. Erika Kleestorfer

    Founder & CEO

    Management & Leadership Expert, Organisation & Management Development, Executive Coach



  • Susanne Koren

    Assistant to the CEO


    Mobile phone: 0664 382 8007




  • Benedikt Gabl, BSc

    Content Management
    and Online Strategy


  • Global Network

    We bundle our strenghts for your success! Professional, committed, versatile.