“Collect moments, not things!”


Podcast - Alles Liebe, Erika - Leadership starts with(in) you!

 „Alles Liebe, Erika und Eva - Leadership starts with(in) YOU!“ is a
leadership podcast by Erika Maria Kleestorfer. The entrepreneur, university lecturer and executive coach sees in her daily practice of consulting, coaching, teaching and training how important it is to see development holistically. She is convinced that effective leadership starts with ourselves, our mindset, attitude and person - not with others. Strength-oriented, out of abundance, with a lot of love for what she does and for people, she invites, encourages and gives impulses for more clarity, awareness, courage and options for action. And thus to more joy and success in daily leadership and self-leadership. Because: Leadership starts with(in) you!

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Erikas podcast is  currently only available in German however there will be episodes with english speaking guests.

For each episode we offer you further exercises to explore, reflect or work on your topics.

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#1 Let's get it started
# 2 Depressionen entschlüsseln und Zukunft gestalten!
# 3 Failure is not an option
# 4 Goethe, Führung & Gerechtigkeit
# 5 Coaching to improve performance! Das “GROW-Modell” (John Whitmore)
# 6 Das Lebensrad
# 7 Wie gelingen schöne Organisationen? Article Unternehmenssteuerung, Lothar Wenzl
#8 Kommunikation als Teamentwicklungs-Tool