“Collect moments, not things!”


Podcast - Alles Liebe, Erika und Eva - Leadership starts with(in) YOU!

„Alles Liebe, Erika und Eva - Leadership starts with(in) YOU!“ is a podcast by the consultants and coaches Dr. Erika Maria Kleestorfer and Eva-Maria Prokop, M.A. The two entrepreneurs see in their daily practice of coaching, consulting, teaching and training how important it is to see development holistically. They are convinced that effective leadership starts with ourselves, with our mindset, our attitude, our person - not with others. Strength-oriented, out of abundance, with a lot of love for what they do and for people, they give impulses for more clarity, awareness, courage and options for action. And thus to more joy and success in daily leadership and self-leadership. Because: Leadership starts with(in) YOU!

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A card set for everyday use.

It should inspire you to strenghten your self-love and your compassion for YOU in order to recognize the wholeness of your wonderful being.

The cards encourage a playful approach to life's questions. Imagine it as a suportive companion that nourishes and strengthens you every day.

The cards are mostly in German (32) partly in English (6) and some are mixed in Englisch/German (7).

Follow your impulse!
You can e. g. pull a card (or several) draw on a specific question or even a day ticket. Very simple, playful, joyful.

Let yourself be guided, surprised an acompanied well.

It is worth drawing only the best in your life every day.

I wish you much joy, inspiration and love for YOU!


Erika Maria Kleestorfer


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Picture copyright: Christina Karagiannis